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Posing topless for a 2003 calendar was one of the most memorable memories Sienna Miller likes sharing with anyone who’d ask for an interview with her. One of the reasons is that she gets to display her asset, which she knows too well that make men drool and masturbate hard on, and this pleases her more than anything. Or so she thought. After posing for the said shoot, one hot redhead caught her attention and they began hooking up.

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Surprisingly, they were so into each other that they ended up having some fine steamy lesbian sex one night and this started another chapter in their special relationship. One that can’t be beaten by her on/off relationship with Jude Law, so it seems. Miller enjoys licking her girl’s pussy and of course, she loves the feeling of a woman’s tongue on her wet cunt as well. Easy to enjoy this chick if she’s equally hot and feisty and always ready to do some sizzling action on cam. They make one fucking pair, eh? The kind you’d like to share a bed or couch with for an entire day and just watch them eat those drippin’ wet twats and finger-bang each other until they cum.

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There’s really no need to call in the photoshopping brigade just so we can wank off to a couple of pictures of a naked Sienna Miller. The slut gives the paparazzi jizz-worthy material herself! Look at these naked pictures of Sienna Miller having a fun time pinching tits with her man at some beach we don’t really need to know the name of. Unless you’re the creepy stalker type who needs to know so you can check the beach off your list of possible “random” encounters with Sienna Miller, whose body and orgasmic appeal sends you off to higher heavens whenever you catch a whiff of her existence anywhere.

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It’s an open fact that Hollywood actress Sienna Miller loves to go topless and show off her tits and she practically doesn’t believe in wearing bikini tops or brassieres whenever she goes out with close friends on a beach holiday trip somewhere… Take for example this hot photos you see above, these were taken during a vacation trip somewhere in Italy and of course our snooping paparazzi buddies just couldn’t help but whip out their cameras and start taking snapshots of the lovely actress with her lovely pair of tits hanging loose!

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Listen up peeps! We got hold of these fiery naked photos of Sienna Miller taken by this lucky bastard who happens to be on the set of the actress’ upcoming movie “Hippie Hippie Shake.” He disclosed that there was this hot scene where Sienna needs to go into the water fully naked and since our guy was at the right spot at the right time took out his camera and started taking pictures of her as soon as the cameras started rolling and he indeed got some of the best shots of Sienna with her tits and pussy fully exposed with one photo showing her getting out of the water with her creamy ass captured in full vivid detail.

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Now this is a first for some famous Hollywood actress to be doing something out of the ordinary, and I guess some of her counterparts in the industry would not dare cross that line and do what Sienna Miller has done with these sizzling Ad and movie campaigns she did… and these are not the usual sexy-posing or getting herself photographed in the nude or something, this is the real deal! Sienna bravely gets herself fucked by some guy while promoting several well-known brands and including a movie poster that is so far out! Actually this is a good campaign strategy for both Sienna and the establishments she is promoting but there are rules to follow and these Ads were eventually axed forever… awww! What a bummer!! But anyhow, we managed to get hold of these “bannedAd posters and now you get to see Sienna naked while her pussy gets stuffed with some dude’s throbbing cock.

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